In order to be compliant with the Missouri law known as the “Get the Lead out of School Drinking Water Act," the Golden City R-3 School District conducted sampling and testing of all potential drinking water sources in the school. The results of the water testing, including the recommended corrective actions, are in the link below.  All drinking fountains and food preparation areas are safe and do not require any remediation.  The district will post signage in areas identified indicating the water from the faucet is non-potable and to be used for hand washing only. These areas include faucets in the science lab, art, ag, and other faucets around the building.  The ice machine has been turned off until remediation occurs and is retested. The fixtures identified are not typically used for drinking water.   Signage is and will be installed for specific faucets/locations that are to be used as Non-Potable Water for Hand Washing Only.  

Full report: 

Golden City Lead Testing Report

Additional information and resources on the health effects of lead contamination are available here: 

Basic information about lead in drinking water