Title I

About Title 1

Title 1 is the largest federal aid program for schools.

Title 1 is short for " Title 1, Part A of Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965."  Its goal is to help ensure that all children especially those who are considered "at risk" get a high-quality education.

What is schoolwide Title 1 program?

It's a program that allows an eligible school to use federal funds to upgrade or redesign its educational program.

In general, a Title 1 school is eligible to set up a schoolwide program if 40% or more of its students come from low-income families.  Instead of targeting select students, a school wide Title 1 program provides support and services to raise the achievement of all students.

A schoolwide Title 1 program is meant to benefit the entire school community.

For example, it can help:

  • all children do better in school and meet state academic standards

  • parents be more involved in their children's education

  • teachers and other school staff better understand and meet the needs of children and their parents.