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Upgrades to Main Street

If you have been on highway 126 and gone through downtown Golden City, you may have noticed a little pep.  The Golden City business department and FBLA, along with the City of Golden City and Barton county Chamber of Commerce have decided to put change into action.  They started with the website last year ( and have now designed banners that are placed up and down the road welcoming everyone to “The Only” Golden City in the United States.  They have plans to begin a business feature on the website, spotlighting our different businesses as well as a full list of employment opportunities.  The City would like to thank the business department and FBLA for working in the community to make it a better place to live and grow.  The City would also like to thank the Barton County Chamber of Commerce for helping to purchase the banners as well as helping with ideas to beautify the town.

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