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Parents as teachers


Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers builds strong communities, thriving families and children who are healthy, safe and ready to learn.

Information about Parents as Teachers

  *Parents as Teachers is a home visiting program for 
families with children 0-5 years of age.

*The Parents as Teachers vision is that all children will
learn, grow, and develop to realize their full potential.

*All prospective parents and parents with a child birth to age 5 are eligible for the program (home visits and/or developmental screenings). 


There are four main parts to Parents As Teachers:

1) Home Visiting: A Parent Educator will come to your home to meet with you and your child.  This person will help your family make goals and work with you to reach them. They can provide valuable tools and support for you to help you be your child’s first and best teacher.

2) Resource and Referral: Your Parent Educator will help you find and connect to other resources in your community to ensure you have all the support you need.

3) Group Connections: These are parent informational meetings or parent/child activities that are offered throughout the program year.  Our newsletter provides detailed information on the free activities offered and how to register for these events.

4) Screening: Parents are provided with two ways to have their child developmentally screened.  Children ages 3 to 5 years can come into the PAT office to complete a DIAL-4 assessment.  Children ages 3 months to 35 months can have their Parent Educator complete a developmental screening in their home during a home visit.  A health, hearing and vision screening will also be completed. 

What services are available?

The following are ways we may be able to help:

-Health and developmental screenings for children

-Invitation to parent group connections

-Parenting instruction with a trained Parent Educator

-Developmental, Nutrition, and Community Information.

-Help in building a support system through community resources

COVID-19 Information

  1. All families and PAT educator will evaluate and determine the most appropriate option between personal visits or virtual / teleconference visits.

  2. PAT staff will wash their hands upon arrival to school and each and regularly throughout the day.  They will also carry hand gel in their cars.

  3. Parents will be asked to self-monitor their families health. 

Families will be asked if-

  1. Anyone in the house has had Covid 19

  2. Anyone in the household had a fever above 99.6 or above, a cough, shortness of breath or sore throat in the past week.

  3. Has anyone been out of the country in the past 14 days.

  4. Has anyone been at a large social gathering in the past 14 days?


  1. Parents will be asked to contact their Parent Educator within 24 hours if any member of their household develops symptoms within two weeks of their visit or discovers they were exposed to Covid 192

  2. Toys and materials taken to homes will be extremely limited and sterilized immediately after use.  Suggestion is to take materials we can leave- (ex playdough, sidewalk chalk, crayons.  NO materials can be taken that can not be sanitized. Appropriate suggestion is to contact the family before the visit and have them pull materials from their home they can use and educators verbally instruct them to use- (blocks, puzzles etc).  Educator resources can be used for example (such as toys to make) but not used by students. Bags and totes must be disposable.  Family folders will not be taken into the homes.

  3. All PAT screening tools will be thoroughly sanitized between visits and tables and chairs wiped down.  Screenings at the office will be limited to one parent and the child being screened.

  4. PAT staff will wear a face mask when working within 6 feet of children or families.

  5. PAT staff will not hold children in their lap and will maintain social distancing.

  6. Outdoor, yard or driveway visits are encouraged whenever possible to support social distancing.  When possible, screenings will be done outdoors.

  7. Group connections will be offered virtually and not in person during Covid. (Example having a local or school librarian reading to children or hosting a Pediatrician with Q and A.)  Regular connections will resume when determined safe by the administration of Golden City RIII.

  8. A parent questionnaire and agreement must be completed as a Hold Harmless Agreement.

  9. PAT Staff will immediately report any exposure of illness to supervisor.  PAT staff will safely administer screenings and visits to families and deliver services working to meet our year goals.  When in doubt, Virtual/Teleconference have been approved for the year and PAT staff is expected to maintain their caseload and report to work maintaining their normal hours assigned.

Contact Information

Amanda Murdock



If sickness is in your home, please cancel your appointment. 

We don't want to spread germs!

*****Winter Weather*****

If Golden City R-3 Schools are closed, we will not be completing visits for the day. Thank you for keeping our safety as well as yours a priority!

Barrett and Stella Overstreet