The Ozark 7 Conference - Explained

Greetings, this is Dr. Steven Brigham, your current Superintendent of Golden City High School.

Today, I will be resolving the concerns regarding our situation with the conference, and what in essence happened.


These are the questions I will be answering today.


1.) What is the synopsis of what occurred?

Golden City was in a situation where we needed to look for a new conference. The Spring River Valley Conference was disbanded. There were six schools that were heading to a new conference and we were searching for a more optimal conference to partake in with like-size schools.


2.) Explain our movement into the new Ozark 7 conference.


Out of our options, we formally met with two different conferences. We decided to align ourselves with the Ozark 7. The Ozark 7 conference consists of McAuley, College Heights, Thomas Jefferson, Verona, Wheaton, Exeter, and now, us.


3.) "What does this mean for Golden City to move into a new conference?"


We were looking for a conference that could suit us academically and athletically as amicable as possible. In some aspects, we have improved our previous situation. The transition into the Ozark 7 conference was as seamless as possible. All of our needs were well met and all of the criterias as well. We wanted to look at like-size schools that have activities like Ag, Art, Scholar’s Bowl, and athletics, and would be satisfied. Another area we were looking for was networking for staff and faculty. We wanted to have open dialogue with other schools to participate in events. Once a year, we get together and we partake in a professional development. In the past, it was held in an SRVC school. In the Ozark 7 conference, the same structure applies.


4.) Explanation of distance and gas cost.

In the SRVC, we had 10 schools that were rather close, and although we are now transitioning into the Ozark 7 conference, it is in the end, beneficial for us.

This adds about two hundred miles round trip.

But we now are aligning with more similar size schools that will have fierce competition with our students.

5.) Explanation of why our conference choice was not solely based on athletics, but rather the school's best interest as a whole, encompassing the need for good education.


The Ozark 7 conference choice was decided upon many factors, but we always want to keep all of the students’ interests in mind. With that as the anchor of our decision, we chose the Ozark 7 because it fits us rather splendidly in every aspect. As I’ve stated earlier, the athletic and academic departments will benefit all students and allow much more opportunity for them to pursue success. And with that opportunity, we would like to graciously thank the Ozark 7 conference for opening the window for us to join them.


We hope that our move into the new conference does not cause inconvenience for you, and we are ecstatic for our new opportunities to arrive.


Dr. Steven Brigham II