Ms. Skelton

Position:Music Teacher/Band Teacher 

Ms. Kristen Skelton has been a teacher for 20 years. She has been the Golden City K-12 music teacher for the entire 20 years she has taught. In 1995 Kristen graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City with a Bachelor of Science in music education.

Her favorite teaching memory is watching every year’s graduation and reflecting on how much the students have grown over the years that she has been their teacher. Ms. Skelton really loves that at Golden City students can be involved in as many activities as they want, all at the same time. In her teachings Ms. Skelton likes to incorporate a quote from Albert Einstein.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”  - Albert Einstein

Ms. Skelton is a resident of Golden City and has two sons, Lennon (10th grade) and Asher (7th grade) that go to Golden City.

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